Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts

I find myself waiting to bloom. Yes! I can’t believe it either! I am 60 years old; almost 61. I read the other day that Seniors can shop during the early hours; 60 years and up! WHAT!? I am a Senior? I started a new business as a SENIOR?!

The circumstances that brought me to that decision, as I’ve stated before, was not totally expected. The closing of the private practice I worked at and finances that didn’t include retirement at that time forced me to think about what was next. Take any job to make ends meet or follow my gut again and prepare myself to awaken the hearts of people I serve in such a way that they can find their own authentic and empowering path. I felt qualified and inspired to do just that. So; Empowering Awakened Hearts, LLC was born.

The thing I didn’t expect was the time it would take to allow a company to bloom. As with all good things; it takes time. This; however, has also given me time to look deep into my own beliefs and assess where I think my value comes from and how I use it. My income brings valuable financial resources to our family. I believe that money has always been a marker for value. My dad used to worry about money and there were times in our lives that we barely had enough to get through until the next pay check. I watched as money and happiness were often combined and subconsciously I started to believe that if I wasn’t making money I was not valuable and I wouldn’t be happy.

My path right now; and also for many of you is to look at the value we bring to our families without attaching it to money. Men have always been tagged as the “bread winners.” The loss of a job or not being able to work often affected his belief in his worth and value because it was socially tied to his income. Men are not the only ones now that are dealing with this belief.

For many of us, redefining our value away from money is a gift. We can thank our current pandemic for this opportunity. If we always believed, even subconsciously, that our income is our value to our families; we have missed the mark.

Money is definitely on my mind while I am waiting for my business to bloom. If I believe my value is determined by money, then every day that I don’t have a client or I look at how little I brought in this week compared to when I was working in the private practice, I am allowing money to define my value. Depression sets in and hope diminishes.

My compassion, my joy, my kindness and my desire to serve is my value. That is what I offer to my current coaching clients while I am waiting for my business to bloom and I can fill my hours of my day in direct service. I am here for my fur kids and I am choosing to serve my family and my community in my highest and best way. I am not in charge of the timeline. So, while I do what I do and I wait for growth; I still want to be of service to those in need.

In this time of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty I offer who I am. A big hearted person with a desire to connect with others. If you are struggling, lonely, fearful, or just BORED during your time at home; I am offering conversations. I love talking to people and listening to your stories. If you are someone who is wilting under the social distancing restrictions; I am here for you; free of charge. We are all in this together and the health of our soul is vitally important. We have to be emotionally healthy when it is time to return to our lives outside of our homes. Staying connected is key!

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