Day Whatever

You would think that I am losing track of time because of the whole brain reaction to the quarantine, all the upheaval and changes, or because we are raising a very active and Corgitude puppy; but truth be known, I have never had a great awareness of time. I use phrases such as;

  • “Just the other day,” when it has been apparently months or years ago
  • “Yesterday,” when it was actually today
  • “A few years ago,” when it could have been yesterday, the other day or months ago!

Maybe I am hot wired to live by a mantra of “Day Whatever.” I know that it is important to be aware of time. I had to be very clear about time, dates, and specifics when testifying in court for a case. In retrospect, that only worked when I had the chart in front of me and I could refer to it. Thankfully, I was a bit anal about keeping my records. To get the date correct on a progress note, I had to check it every morning, put it at the top of the page and then use that same note (deleting and reusing it) throughout the day to avoid changing the date without realizing it. My former clients can tell you how many times I wrote the wrong date and/or time on the appointment card for our next session. They embraced my lack of connection to time, date, and numbers and was able to recognize that my “Date Whatever” issue didn’t detract from our sessions.

I am a people person. I have always struggled with numbers; adding them, remembering them, writing them down correctly (often transposing them,) and balancing my checkbook. Oh the stories my wife could tell you about that last one!

I sometimes wonder if I am crossing over between this realm and somewhere else? Oh, that would probably be another whole post!

Anyway, during this time of quarantine it has seemed less necessary to know what day or time it is. I eat when I’m hungry, go to the store when I am out of something essential, and have my phone reminders to get me on zoom for appointments. That is of course; if I’ve scheduled it right in the first place!

Good thing I am a people person with other gifts. We all have our unique place on this earth. I just know that my place is not in a bank, or as a math teacher!

What are your gifts? How do you show in the world? Are there things in your life that have been challenging for you?

Bringing My Joy to My Journey/ Midge’s Mumblings

I cannot believe we are in a situation where people are hoarding toilet paper, being told to stay home, closing schools, and closing church doors. I have been most disturbed by how FB posts had been so mean spirited toward the closures by using the word “ignorant” to describe the decisions being made to keep us safe and level out the spread of the virus.

Recently I have seen FB posts offering help to others: childcare, delivering meals, etc. This is awesome and what I believe any crisis is intended to do; bring communities together in a more cooperative way.

For the record, I am not angry about closures and I do not believe in a government conspiracy. I am concerned that our current White House Administration did not think it was wise to disband the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. However, what is done is done and now I and everyone else has to find a way to stay safe and stay kind. Here are my thoughts on how to use this time to enhance our lives and the lives of our community and our world.

C  Compassion: Love my neighbor, do what is best for their health

O  Organizing:    Clutter clearing, creating donation boxes

R  Rest:              Gifting myself w/ a nap, restful ways to renew my spirit

O  Organizing:    Review my priorities, time and how to best use that time

N  Need:s           Evaluate my needs vs my wants, ways to serve other’s 

A  Authenticity:   Am I walking my talk in faith? Am I living, moving and     breathing in truth             

V  Victory :           Believing in the healing of minds, bodies, and Spirits 

I  Inner Work:    Embracing the time to get myself in order in all that I AM

R  Respect:         Honoring those who are making decisions for my safety

U  Unity:              Coming together for my planet, my global family

S  Sacrifice:        Giving up my freedom to come & go so that safety & health can be restored

“They will know we are Christians by our love.” Even if you aren’t Christian, our family, neighbors, and world will also know that we are decent humans by walking the talk of compassion. For me, I want my thoughts, feelings, words and actions to come from a place of compassion and kindness because that is my Sacred goal.

May we all in whatever form we believe, show some METTA; loving kindness right now.

Seeing With Eyes Wide Open!

Morning Light

The first thing every morning, I open my eyes and the bombardment of information begins to filter into my awareness. I begin to think and make decisions about what I see. I get to choose to really take it in, to discard it, to avoid it, to make judgements about what and where my eyes are directed. When I choose to connect what I see to my inner being, I am now seeing things in my day with my eyes wide open through my feelings. I now have the ability to choose to find the good in things and I have the ability to send loving kindness to things that do not resonate with me. This now becomes a spiritual and mindfulness practice of seeing all people, things, and experiences with my eyes wide open from my soul. Consider walking today with Eyes Wide Open and look for the light in all you see.

BE Courage in Action

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: Choosing to be authentic is scary, feels vulnerable, and is not easy. As Brené Brown talks about in her Call to Courage Special; when we choose courage; we will have pitfalls along the way. Choosing to live authentically has and will cause push back from people who are not ready to take the path that enlightened and awakened light workers choose.