Solitude Is Not Our Enemy

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts

It is clear that things take time to get better. If you’ve ever experienced pain from a muscle pull, tear, and strain, you know that even as it heals a relapse can happen quickly. Physical and emotional pain can be similar in that way. We may feel as if things are healing and then one word, one comment, one video update can send us crashing down into pain on a visceral level.

As I am faced with the same questions, concerns, worries, and fears that the entire world is dealing with; my pain is also for those who do not have a strong faith to stand on in times of crisis. I grew up in the church, walked away from religion per se when I thought that mainstream religion would never be open to accepting that I can be Christian and Gay. Looking back, this did prepare me for handling the solitude that I am asked to embrace now. Learning meditation, yoga, and mantras are a perfect addition to the time I spend in communion with my community of family, friends, and now; my Parish family.

This virus is an opportunity to embrace solitude. It is an opportunity for me to to sit in silence and listen to my inner voice; calling me to something greater than I could ever imagine. I love my freedom and having the freedom to be quiet, having the freedom to read, and having the freedom to meditate on what I have read; is a gift.

I pray daily for the healing light to cover the world. I pray for those suffering and for those who are alone and can ‘t be with their family who are suffering; and dying. I pray that my mind will focus on gratitude and love. I pray for our country and those who are in offices of leadership. I pray that I will be able to serve those in need with the gifts that I have to offer.

Solitude is not our enemy. Agreeing with anyone who speaks and acts out of hate, inequality, anger, bigotry, and othering; is the enemy.

In this rare time in our history, may we all get silent, listen, and meditate and pray on how we each can raise our inner consciousness to match eternal and Agape (Divine) love for ourselves and for each other. Meditate how we can reach this love during a crisis and a time where the sounds of anger and othering and blame are loud cymbals crashing in on our solitude. When we collectively walk toward that place in our hearts and our intentions we will see ourselves and our planet heal.

Solitude is not the only answer. Remembering that I am not an island is important. As I mentioned above, I have family, friends, and a Parish family that are there to sustain me during low moments in my faith and in my fears. Solitude is there to help us internally connect with our Source and to fill ourselves up with love. Our connections are there to keep us….. connected to a life that we have built and to increase the amount of love around us.

If you are reading this and you’re thinking; “I don’t have anyone to talk to” or “I don’t want my friends to know how bad I’m doing,”

I invite you to access me for FREE conversations. I would love to see you and be in community with you. Schedule your visit with me here:

Taking Power over Panic

Fear debilitates. Information is power. The divisiveness in this country today has created a different kind of world. Now, when we are facing a difficult time with the threat of yet another health risk; who do we trust? How do I protect myself and my family? I know, I know, wash my hands. I WANT MORE! I want to support my immune system from the inside out. That is where my essential oils have become my defense against all defenses.

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Midge’s Mumblings:Journey Through Lent

I was not raised Episcopalian.  I was not raised to contemplate and meditate on my returning to Ash. As a youth, I learned about the fruits of the Spirit and did my best to live them.  I did not always succeed.  I realized early on that as much as I strived for perfection and believed I had to be perfect; I never was.  Gratefully, it wasn’t supposed to happen.  I know that now.

I have not spent time contemplating attributes that may weaken my journey and/or strengthen my walk in Christ.  Observing Lent is my chance to do just that.

I have recently been introduced to this season of Lent and it is a welcome addition to my spiritual practice.   I already include meditation and Spiritual readings in my mourning routine and I choose a path of love, compassion and kindness.  The more I learn about Lent, the more I am excited about going deeper into my walk so I can focus on attributes such as faithfulness, and humility, etc. which will enhance my walk in Christ.

On this first Monday after Ash Wednesday; the topic is humility.  I question whether I really am humble.  It is a question that I haven’t really ever asked myself.  Growing up there is usually a pecking order; Father, Mother, first born, second born, third born.  Even with our fur babies, when a new addition comes along we make sure the pack is clearly defined for our baby by making sure that going out, coming in, and feeding time is done is order of longevity.  That is to encourage obedience to the young whipper snapper!

That isn’t the same thing as being humble and living with humility.  I realized as I took this contemplative journey this morning that I may not be as humble as I would guess; or hope.  I find myself speaking up quickly when an answer is posed.  Do I think I have the right answer, the best answer, or am I just uncomfortable with silence?   I sometimes look at how someone does something and rush to show them a “better” way.  Is my way better?  Do I really believe it is better or is it just the way that I feel comfortable doing it?  

I remember feeling looked over and dismissed as a youth.  Perhaps in my evolution to find my place I swung too far to the other side by demanding to be heard; without realizing it. 

It has occurred to me that I really don’t know if I am humble.  I do know I desire to be.  So, this is my lenten journey.  To catch acts of pridefulness, to challenge myself to be more mindful,  to change how and when I speak and to claim a new humble way of being h

If you observe Lent; may I humbly suggest a book that is inspiring me.  A Spring In The Desert by Frank and Victoria Logue.

Feeling all the Feels

Midge’s Mumbings on Awakened Hearts

I have stuff. Stuff from my past, stuff business, stuff that needs to be done at home, stuff with relationships; but hey, don’t we all?

Our stuff can shape who we are, who we will become, and what we attract into our lives. How often do you catch yourself on auto-pilot? Just going through the motions and not paying attention to the pain in your life? I spent years doing that. Shoving down the pain, avoiding it, rising above it, and starting over again and again when I really didn’t want to start over; again!

Pema Chödron, in her book Pain and Suffering; Life Wisdom talks about sitting with the suffering. I can tell you, that is uncomfortable. Allowing yourself to be present and feel all the feelings that come up when you confront issues in your life and life events that have occurred. Especially if I have to confront a pain that was caused by myself! It hurts, it is embarrassing, and the most difficult part is to break the pattern of avoiding.

Moving past a life event that leaves the feeling of anger and pain is very difficult. Emotional growth is not for the faint of heart.

As I live and move and breathe into a higher consciousness, I have to sit with my past, my choices, my not so pretty moments and really evaluate what I could have changed. It is extremely humbling. I believe we are all here to serve a higher purpose than just getting through this life. My goal is to keep transforming my pain and claim my authentic power so I can then be the light for others who are ready.

Unpacking Trauma

Roddie; our beloved Corgi boy; the Prince of Yodel-ville… the Rod Man…. suffered a trauma. Even though he is now home, gaining weight, getting stronger, and reconnecting with the sights and sounds of home…. he is not done. He is still unpacking his trauma.

We see it on our morning walks. He is much slower due to losing muscle tone and pain due to physical issues around the site of his bite when he was attacked by a neighbor’s dog walking on his morning walk on 11-9-2019. The vet saw trauma on his x-ray that appears to be a ruptured knee sac, and believes there is ligament and tendon damage. He also has a broken fibia…… those jaws were powerful.

We see it in his interactions with other dogs and humans. Once, he was outgoing and engaged with anyone and everyone; dogs, cats and humans alike. Now, he holds back and doesn’t approach, even looking wary of those who approach him. Once he is petted, he begins to soften but the playful light in his eyes is not always present.

We see it in his interactions with his fur siblings. When he returned home he had a skin infection and the odor was pungent and his siblings didn’t recognize him due to his odor. There were weeks of avoidance between the kids and he was not in his leadership role. Over the last two weeks, he has begun to emerge back into his dominant role and is being the silent general. He is letting them know if their play is too much and he will stand up, walk in between them, and let them know to knock it off!

We see it in how he relates to the scents and sounds around him. He gets a distant look on his face and even when called to come; he doesn’t respond. There are times when he is outside that he just sits and looks off into the distance.

He shows signs of hypervigilance on his morning walk. He reacts to every sound; a dog barking inside a house or off in the distance, looking under cars, sniffing the road, looking behind him and he still reacts to the sounds of doors opening, His pace will quicken and he immediately is back into flight mode. Starring straight ahead and just trying to go. It is in those moments where we stop walking, call his name and put our hands on him and affirm his safety. We wait until his eyes return from flight mode and we turn him around to let him see there is nothing behind him and he is not being attacked.

Unpacking trauma is a lengthy and individual process. Roddie is making strides everyday as he reclaims pieces of himself that have taken a seat in the back row. Healing will happen… how much….. when….. are to be determined. What it will take is patience, love, understanding, and a push at the right time to not stay stuck in the trauma but continue to unpack it and move through it.

People experience trauma in very similar ways. The one thing that separates fur babies from people is that we have the ability to use our words and our insights to move through the trauma. Talking it out, getting a coach to validate the trauma and to provide a healing space to unpack the trauma is crucial. A coach can offer you support to confront the your fear so you can unpack the trauma and reclaim the pieces of you that are in your back row.

If you are ready to unpack a traumatic life event that is holding you back from reclaiming who you are…. I would be honored to be there for you. To schedule your free / complimentary session; click the link below.