Solitude Is Not Our Enemy

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts

It is clear that things take time to get better. If you’ve ever experienced pain from a muscle pull, tear, and strain, you know that even as it heals a relapse can happen quickly. Physical and emotional pain can be similar in that way. We may feel as if things are healing and then one word, one comment, one video update can send us crashing down into pain on a visceral level.

As I am faced with the same questions, concerns, worries, and fears that the entire world is dealing with; my pain is also for those who do not have a strong faith to stand on in times of crisis. I grew up in the church, walked away from religion per se when I thought that mainstream religion would never be open to accepting that I can be Christian and Gay. Looking back, this did prepare me for handling the solitude that I am asked to embrace now. Learning meditation, yoga, and mantras are a perfect addition to the time I spend in communion with my community of family, friends, and now; my Parish family.

This virus is an opportunity to embrace solitude. It is an opportunity for me to to sit in silence and listen to my inner voice; calling me to something greater than I could ever imagine. I love my freedom and having the freedom to be quiet, having the freedom to read, and having the freedom to meditate on what I have read; is a gift.

I pray daily for the healing light to cover the world. I pray for those suffering and for those who are alone and can ‘t be with their family who are suffering; and dying. I pray that my mind will focus on gratitude and love. I pray for our country and those who are in offices of leadership. I pray that I will be able to serve those in need with the gifts that I have to offer.

Solitude is not our enemy. Agreeing with anyone who speaks and acts out of hate, inequality, anger, bigotry, and othering; is the enemy.

In this rare time in our history, may we all get silent, listen, and meditate and pray on how we each can raise our inner consciousness to match eternal and Agape (Divine) love for ourselves and for each other. Meditate how we can reach this love during a crisis and a time where the sounds of anger and othering and blame are loud cymbals crashing in on our solitude. When we collectively walk toward that place in our hearts and our intentions we will see ourselves and our planet heal.

Solitude is not the only answer. Remembering that I am not an island is important. As I mentioned above, I have family, friends, and a Parish family that are there to sustain me during low moments in my faith and in my fears. Solitude is there to help us internally connect with our Source and to fill ourselves up with love. Our connections are there to keep us….. connected to a life that we have built and to increase the amount of love around us.

If you are reading this and you’re thinking; “I don’t have anyone to talk to” or “I don’t want my friends to know how bad I’m doing,”

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