Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts

I spent Sunday afternoon with my cousin and her blood and chosen family as they celebrated the life of her husband that left this earth far earlier than anyone had expected. He has left a legacy of stories and love that will never die.

It is very evident to me that although family is used to denote who we are blood related to, Family is not always a blood connection. The collection of souls that attended Walt’s Celebration came from different backgrounds, beliefs, histories, sexual orientations and stories.

I thought my wife and I would be the only gay people in attendance but as it turns out; not true. My cousin and her husband created a family of love. They did that by being love, showing love, and living love. In turn, their love brought blood and chosen family to the celebration who made the time in their schedules, cancelled events in order to attend, and traveled great distances to be there; and we all did so because love was extended and pulled us all in.

We attract who we are; not what we want. If you want love in your life then you have to be love, show love genuinely from your soul and love will find you because you have become what it is you desire.

I celebrate and honor Walt’s legacy of love and am honored that not only did his love and his love for Cousin Candy draw me in….. my love drew them to me.