Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts:

Today is Labor Day. I always thought it was funny that we celebrate Labor Day; by not… laboring! I don’t know the real origin of Labor Day and why it is a thing; but yet we have it. So, in my Midge’s Mumblings brain I wondered, “Why do we need to take a break from our labor?” Here are my thoughts. Some people do a lot of physical labor and all bodies do need a break. Even those of us who may not physically labor, our minds do get strained from focusing on numbers, emotional needs, care taking, and mothering; things that can be tedious, unfulfilling, and draining. When my labor is something I have to do instead of something I LOVE to do; I need a break.

Today, I bring to mind what I want my labor to be…. a Labor of Love! A labor of love is when whatever I think, feel, do, and speak…is a Labor of Love. When I live and breathe and move in this way… I may still choose to take a vacation and my labor of love will come with me because it is who I AM; not what I do. I hope that today; your day off is restful and includes your Labor of Love.