Gay with God


Born in the rural south in the late 1950’s, Midge Noble was raised in a household with strict parents and fundamentalist religious beliefs. Attending parties or movies was not allowed. Her paternal grandfather, Paw Paw, a fire and brimstone Advent Christian preacher, believed the Bible was the literal word of God and condemned homosexuals to hell. As a teen, Noble felt a calling for missionary work but grew up with a conflicted view of God and the Church. She always felt that somehow she was different, but couldn’t quite put her finger on why.

In this frank and heartfelt memoir, Noble recounts her childhood years and her struggles as a young adult with her faith and true identity. Doubting herself and her choices, her inner turmoil manifested itself as bulimia and anorexia, and denial and harsh judgment of her feelings. She didn’t come out to herself as gay until she was thirty years old.

Noble’s poignant journey to reclaim her Christian faith shows that a relationship with the God of your understanding is possible, no matter what you’ve been taught to the contrary. Honesty and learning to trust your inner guidance are critical for healthy emotional and social development. For anyone questioning how they can reconcile their faith and their sexual identity, Noble’s inspiring book is a light to shine the way.

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What They Say

“Friend networks are a wonderful thing. A writer colleague reached out and invited me to meet another writer, Midge Noble. Midge then asked me to be a guest on her podcast, GAY with GOD!, and a beautiful friendship was born. In Gay with God: Reclaiming My Faith, Honoring My Story, Midge continues her incredibly meaningful work with, and for, those who have been “othered” by the church. With her presence and writing, Midge brings to life the true meaning of the inclusiveness and grace of God’s love and invites others to recognize that they, too, can again step into faith and walk with others to bring much-needed growth and change into this world. Those who are LGBTQI+, those who love LGBTQI people, and those who wish to extend the love of God to all will want to read this insightful book, and then share it everywhere!”

Reverend Sharon Langfeldt

United Methodist Elder and current pastor in the United Church of Christ

“‘When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it,’ writes Brené Brown, ‘we get to write the ending.’ Midge demonstrates this beautifully in her memoir Gay with God: Reclaiming My Faith, Honoring My Story. Through candid, relatable stories that are at once both humorous and tragic, Midge takes readers on a journey of resilience and hard-fought redemption, confronting even her most gritty and tender memories with understanding and compassion. She offers a model of what it looks like to reclaim a sense of agency, authenticity, and accountability, while still staying rooted in postures of empathy and humility. Through her ‘Moments of Grace,’ Midge challenges readers to wrestle with the complexities of human relationships and the paradoxes of faith. Anyone who has struggled to integrate their true self will be inspired by Midge’s brave journey into self-awareness and healing.”

Kristen Leigh Mitchell

Master of Divinity; Spiritual Director

“I was fortunate enough to join Midge on her GAY with GOD! podcast. What a beautiful conversation we had about faith, sexuality, and healing from the pains of a world that doesn't understand the LGBTQ+ community. Gay with God and its honesty will resonate with so many. Midge's experiences, though very much her own, also belong to so many of us. And it's this commonality that will bring healing and open hearts and minds to have some restorative conversations. Midge understands the value of stories and the value of each human being as a gift from God. I can't wait for this book to get into the hands of so many who need it.”

Katrina Kalb

Co-Creator of Free Mom Hugs, Inc.; Program Director/Social Media Manager; Conversion Therapy Survivor

“Midge and I know each other through working with the same publisher. In her delightful memoir Gay with God she weaves her beautiful, folksy stories to reveal a spiritual journey of hope and faith. Inspirational and insightful, her book will enlighten those who are curious as well as support and encourage those who are experiencing similar struggles with identity and acceptance.”

Chris Davis

Author of Worthy: The Memoir of an Ex-Mormon Lesbian

“I met Midge when I moved back home. I was visiting a local brewery favorite of hers, and with the “clink” of our glasses, we struck up a conversation about being gay Christians. There are so many gay people who have left the church that it is a joy to meet another gay person of faith. I am excited to express my love for the Gay with God memoir because it is an important book that will enable so many more people who feel ostracized from church an opportunity to reclaim their relationship with God. May you find the joy that I found of knowing Midge and being transformed by her story.”

Nathan Crabtree (he/him)

Development Manager, Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ Center

“I've often said that folks from the LGBTQIA+ community who are able to somehow hold onto their Christian faith are rockstars, badasses, and all around spiritual heavyweights. Think about it. It takes a crazy amount of fortitude, desire, and dedication to decide to pursue a faith whose majority of followers spend an unreasonable amount of time pointing judgmental fingers at you and calling you some pretty horrific things. Midge is one of the folks who brought me to the conclusion of the badassery of queer Christians. I am so excited for the way her openness and honesty about her journey back to Christianity in the midst of her life’s struggles will help others become spiritual rockstars. I’m genuinely excited for every person who picks up a copy of Gay with God. It’s an honor to call Midge a friend.”

Rev. Dr. Mark Sandlin

President and Co-Executive Director of Progressive; Co-Founder of The Christian Left

“Gay with God is Midge Noble’s story of self-discovery. It is not merely entertaining and inspiring but is also instructive. In her warm, funny, and unique storytelling style, she blazes a path for others to follow. Midge is proof that you can question and doubt your faith without losing either yourself or your faith and that in fact you will, eventually, find both yourself and your faith.”

Charles Bretan

“The Jew” from A Jew and a Gentile Walk into a Bar . . . Mitzvah, The Podcast

“Midge Noble taught me that having the courage to share your story can literally save your life and the lives of others. Gay with God: Reclaiming My Faith, Honoring My Story is both an act of immense courage and a life-giving gift.”

Ginger Campbell MD

Host of Graying Rainbows: Coming Out LGBT+ Later in Life; Author of Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty

“It’s been a blessing getting to know Midge through our Publish Your Purpose cohort and being a guest on her podcast of the same name as her memoir, Gay with God. As someone who cares passionately about the LGBTQ+ community and creating a world where all people feel seen and loved, I’m extremely excited for her vulnerable and honest storytelling to be received by families who need it the most. Midge demonstrates that there is a way to retain faith, reclaim a relationship with God, and confidently be queer within religion.”

Fiona Dawson

Founder of Free Lion Productions

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