Legacy of Love

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts

I spent Sunday afternoon with my cousin and her blood and chosen family as they celebrated the life of her husband that left this earth far earlier than anyone had expected. He has left a legacy of stories and love that will never die.

It is very evident to me that although family is used to denote who we are blood related to, Family is not always a blood connection. The collection of souls that attended Walt’s Celebration came from different backgrounds, beliefs, histories, sexual orientations and stories.

I thought my wife and I would be the only gay people in attendance but as it turns out; not true. My cousin and her husband created a family of love. They did that by being love, showing love, and living love. In turn, their love brought blood and chosen family to the celebration who made the time in their schedules, cancelled events in order to attend, and traveled great distances to be there; and we all did so because love was extended and pulled us all in.

We attract who we are; not what we want. If you want love in your life then you have to be love, show love genuinely from your soul and love will find you because you have become what it is you desire.

I celebrate and honor Walt’s legacy of love and am honored that not only did his love and his love for Cousin Candy draw me in….. my love drew them to me.

Where is Your Light?

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts

I believe that everyone is born with an inner light…. a light from creation. That light is the soul of who you are …. your Divine Plan of existence. It can take our lifetime to fully express the light.

I know that some people have such a burning knowledge of who they are and they are ready to let their light shine into the world; musician, writer, artist, healer, etc. Even if it takes a while for you to connect with that light…. when you do…. let it shine!

Where is your light? Have you covered it up with hate, pain, doubt, fear, or from past events that have left you feeling unworthy? Your light cannot be extinguished. It may be behind the walls of pain and it may be a little dim. I promise…. it is not gone.

If I asked you, “Do you love drawing, painting, writing, teaching, healing, organizing, being hospitable so much that you loose time and feel complete bliss when you are engaged in that?” and you say yes…. that IS your light.

You may need help getting through the past emotions, memories, and core beliefs to fully express your light into the world AND that journey will be worth it!

“Do you want to start your journey and express your light?” Yes? connect with me https://calendly.com/empoweringawakenedhearts/min?back=1&month=2019-10

My Energy is Valuable

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts. I know that when my energy is off, I have trouble connecting with others in the highest version of myself and I also have trouble keeping my day organized. When I choose to be the light and I choose to lead from my values; my energy is valuable; not only to me.. and also for those I serve. I choose every day to be mindful of my energy and how I can bring that to everyone I meet.

Labor of Love

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts:

Today is Labor Day. I always thought it was funny that we celebrate Labor Day; by not… laboring! I don’t know the real origin of Labor Day and why it is a thing; but yet we have it. So, in my Midge’s Mumblings brain I wondered, “Why do we need to take a break from our labor?” Here are my thoughts. Some people do a lot of physical labor and all bodies do need a break. Even those of us who may not physically labor, our minds do get strained from focusing on numbers, emotional needs, care taking, and mothering; things that can be tedious, unfulfilling, and draining. When my labor is something I have to do instead of something I LOVE to do; I need a break.

Today, I bring to mind what I want my labor to be…. a Labor of Love! A labor of love is when whatever I think, feel, do, and speak…is a Labor of Love. When I live and breathe and move in this way… I may still choose to take a vacation and my labor of love will come with me because it is who I AM; not what I do. I hope that today; your day off is restful and includes your Labor of Love.

Build a NEW Relationship with Your Self-Doubt!

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: I was conditioned to think and believe what I had been taught as a little one by my trusted adults. I had no other option. They fed me, didn’t flush me down the toilet, and took care of my basic needs. I didn’t know at the time who else to count on. Not all were as lucky as me; I know. Whether you grew up with loving people or not, we all are conditioned and influenced by people we look up to or people we are raised around. When we go against their beliefs or what we were taught…. there is internal conflict. If our inner core of worthiness is not fully in tact; we may experience anxiety, discomfort, or self-doubt. This is normal because by nature we are pack animals and we like it when we all agree and stick together. However, to be fully free we have to build a new relationship with our self-doubt. Instead of seeing it as a NO don’t do that, flip it! See it as an opportunity to flex you inner guidance system, trust your gut instincts, and stand in your worthiness as you chart a brave new path for you! You are the co-creator of your life and you get to stand in your truth in that moment. Will it always work out? Probably not, but that is how wisdom is born; through the lessons we learn from the choices we make.

Feel free to message me and set up a complimentary call if you want to know more about how to do this for yourself!

So… What’s with Mondays?

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: I hear this dreaded word every week…. MONDAY! So, what’s with Monday? What has made this particular day of the week worse than any other day? I hear the grumblings about the weekend being over. I also remember being part of the grumbling crowd. I never gave it much thought; until now.

This is what I’ve learned. When I do what I love, when I am where I want to be, and I am making an impact….. I don’t care about Monday. It is another day to serve and bring my light into the world and I then have every reason to celebrate another gift in my life. Yes, the gift of another day; Monday.

Are you excited about today? Are you able to find the gratitude in this moment? What would make you happier and more excited to see a Monday coming around the weekend? Go in silence this morning and lean into what answers come up for you, and then; WELCOME MONDAY!

Awakened Heart

“Awakening my Heart.” I had kept my heart closed to hurt, sadness, rejections, resentments, regrets that for a while; I don’t think I felt anything.

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: I was asked on a group site; “without focusing on business, what are you most proud of?” My answer flashed through my mind in a second;

When I chose to take the journey to reclaim my spirit… I found my heart awakening and opening and being able to serve on a deeper and more authentic level.

That is how we change where we have come from into who we desire to be. One unfolding heart layer at a time.

Seeing With Eyes Wide Open!

Morning Light

The first thing every morning, I open my eyes and the bombardment of information begins to filter into my awareness. I begin to think and make decisions about what I see. I get to choose to really take it in, to discard it, to avoid it, to make judgements about what and where my eyes are directed. When I choose to connect what I see to my inner being, I am now seeing things in my day with my eyes wide open through my feelings. I now have the ability to choose to find the good in things and I have the ability to send loving kindness to things that do not resonate with me. This now becomes a spiritual and mindfulness practice of seeing all people, things, and experiences with my eyes wide open from my soul. Consider walking today with Eyes Wide Open and look for the light in all you see.

Authentically ME!

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts:

It took me many many many… ok, a really long time to figure myself out. I wanted to please everyone, I wanted to get along, I didn’t want too much controversy or negativity.

There is nothing wrong with that; except I forgot to start with me! I would say I was “fine” and I didn’t speak up when it really wasn’t… fine.

Learning to :

*step into my personal power, *to find my voice, *feel my own feelings *know in my core that I approve of myself without getting that approval from others

Now, I get it. Becoming authentically me was always the journey!


Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: I have been afraid my whole life. Afraid of drowning, afraid of being poor, afraid of being stuck, afraid of change, afraid of being rejected, afraid of looking foolish…. you get my drift. So what did I do? I went on a trip to the Grand Canyon to ride some rapids, I invested in an out-of-state college with a scholarship, $45 in my pocket and a bunch of loans. I continued to challenge beliefs I had been taught and bought book after book and programs to open my mind and expand my horizon. I spoke my truth, came out to family, friends, coworkers and my community. I wrote two children’s books and self published them when publishers didn’t want them. I showed up in the world authentically; and sometimes I looked foolish.

F.E.A.R has also been called False Evidence Appearing Real. I have always said, YES; yes through the fears. I didn’t really know for sure how I would get the money for 4 years of college or my graduate degree. I didn’t really know for sure if I would drowned in the river and I didn’t really know for sure if I would survive coming out as a Lesbian in the South; but I did know that saying YES stopped me from being stuck and opened the doors for what I wanted.; authenticity, integrity, compassion, courage and respect. Uncovering my fears that could have ruled my life and diminished or extinguished my purpose was the only way my Yeses have turned into successes! I bossed back the fear, said yes, and stepped into my authentic power. I hope you will too!