Build a NEW Relationship with Your Self-Doubt!

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: I was conditioned to think and believe what I had been taught as a little one by my trusted adults. I had no other option. They fed me, didn’t flush me down the toilet, and took care of my basic needs. I didn’t know at the time who else to count on. Not all were as lucky as me; I know. Whether you grew up with loving people or not, we all are conditioned and influenced by people we look up to or people we are raised around. When we go against their beliefs or what we were taught…. there is internal conflict. If our inner core of worthiness is not fully in tact; we may experience anxiety, discomfort, or self-doubt. This is normal because by nature we are pack animals and we like it when we all agree and stick together. However, to be fully free we have to build a new relationship with our self-doubt. Instead of seeing it as a NO don’t do that, flip it! See it as an opportunity to flex you inner guidance system, trust your gut instincts, and stand in your worthiness as you chart a brave new path for you! You are the co-creator of your life and you get to stand in your truth in that moment. Will it always work out? Probably not, but that is how wisdom is born; through the lessons we learn from the choices we make.

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