Transforming Pain to Claim Your AUTHENTIC POWER!

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I radiate from the space
within me that is
My thoughts are my choice,
My feelings are my choice,
My words are my choice,
My actions are my choice.

Midge Noble

Hi! I’m Midge Noble. I’m an Author, Podcaster, and an Resiliency Coach
specializing in Coming Out/Faith Journeys. I believe that we can all transform our pain into personal power.  In my coaching I use the 4 C’s of Transformation: Catch It, Challenge It, Change It, Claim It.

I am dedicated to guiding people through their emotional pain to their authentic power. I live with my wife and our family, which includes our four-legged kids. My favorite activities include hiking and spending time at our beloved cabin; Corgi Haven Lane located in the NC mountains.

My first self-published children’s book is SHEBA, Home Is Where Your Heart Is which deals with loss, abuse, and finding your forever home.

My second children’s book is Ice Cube Award, Learning to be Cool Under Pressure, which deals with anger management and bullying. 

I am also the creator and host of the GAY with GOD! podcast. I am honored to listen to my guests as they share their poignant, painful, and powerful Faith Journey Stories. Check it out here

If you are interested in being a guest on the GAY with GOD! podcast, click this link to book your taping!

Midge Noble

Gay with God



Born in the rural south in the late 1950’s, Midge Noble was raised in a household with strict parents and fundamentalist religious beliefs. Attending parties or movies was not allowed. Her paternal grandfather, Paw Paw, a fire and brimstone Advent Christian preacher, believed the Bible was the literal word of God and condemned homosexuals to hell. As a teen, Noble felt a calling for missionary work but grew up with a conflicted view of God and the Church. She always felt that somehow she was different, but couldn’t quite put her finger on why.

In this frank and heartfelt memoir, Noble recounts her childhood years and her struggles as a young adult with her faith and true identity. Doubting herself and her choices, her inner turmoil manifested itself as bulimia and anorexia, and denial and harsh judgment of her feelings. She didn’t come out to herself as gay until she was thirty years old.

Noble’s poignant journey to reclaim her Christian faith shows that a relationship with the God of your understanding is possible, no matter what you’ve been taught to the contrary. Honesty and learning to trust your inner guidance are critical for healthy emotional and social development. For anyone questioning how they can reconcile their faith and their sexual identity, Noble’s inspiring book is a light to shine the way.


Have you ever...
felt different from everyone else? experienced a pervasive sadness that you can't explain? felt as if you are not heard, seen, or valued? felt shamed by the church? experienced inner homophobia?

I realized I was gay when I was 30. Life before that was riddled with religious guilt, ⛪️ emotional pain, and feelings of unworthiness, sadness, and uncertainty. I felt as if I didn’t belong because I knew I was different but didn’t know why. Looking back, I am sad that I wasted so much time running away from my truth and pretending to be happy and okay.

Since coming out, I found my soul mate 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 🌈 and have embraced my truth. I want the same for anyone who reads this.

💫 💜 🕉 Transforming Shame & Pain into Authentic Power is your birth right!
I would love to hear your story! As a Resiliency Coach, I can support you on your journey in a much deeper and meaningful way. Together, we will identify where you are in your journey, what is holding you back from everything you deserve, where you want to go in your life, and create a specific plan to transform your pain and shame into Authentic Power!

YOU deserve to be seen!
YOU deserve to be heard!
YOU deserve to be treated equally and respectfully!
YOU deserve to feel worthy and live your truth!

If you desire to feel WHOLE, WORTHY, LOVED and FREE of pain and shame…. then, my friend… you are READY to take your journey. I am here to support and guide you to find the answers within you. I will be there as you go through the hurt to get to the healing and then you will transform yourself into the awesome and authentic person that is already uniquely YOU!

My Name is Midge Noble and I am a Coming Out Resiliency Coach.

Schedule a FREE Complimentary meeting with me and tell me your story. I am honored to listen.

How long have you felt this way? How long are willing to wait to feel better?
Don’t wait… you feel the nudge….you are being called into your purpose!

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I am so glad to have signed up for a full course of sessions with Midge. She maintained that amazing balance of being completely honest, loving, grounded, and visionary. I benefited greatly from her teaching and from knowing there is such a human available for us! And she is so easy to love as a regular human being also!

Charles Luther Hickerson

I was a part of the “Awaken The Fire in Your Soul” Course this November. This class empowered me to use my voice authentically and love myself in deeper ways. Midge is a kind, compassionate, loving force for positive change in the world. Thank you Midge for this powerful course, I will continue to use the resources you gifted us throughout my life

Jess Bubbico

Midge was simply amazing ! Her pet communicating session exceeded all our expectations by far.  She communicated with our 6 y/o Blind Tabby cat Riley. She told us several important bits of information about his health and behaviors but specifically that he was missing a toy he had received at Christmas. (It had somehow been put away). As soon as we found it and gave it back to him, Riley hugged it so hard.  We had chills and moist eyes. Midge was able to talk to our two dogs also. I was impressed at how she interpreted their three separate personalities.   One of the best experiences ever.  I would highly recommend Midge Noble and Empowering Awakened Hearts to everyone.

Becky Evans



Ice Cube Award

ICE CUBE AWARD is an action-packed story about Dani, a young girl who lives in Ice Town.  Dani has a serious and destructive anger problem. When Dani feels angry, she generates so much heat that things start to melt, like the floors in the grocery store, the church pew, her sister’s crib, and the final straw-the statue of the mayor! Dani has to learn how to control her anger, or her family will be forced to move out of town. Dani enters a competition against the school bully to save her family and herself.  Ice Cube Award is an uplifting and empowering story that teaches kids that no problem is too big to overcome, and anything is possible if you believe in yourself and stay positive.




SHEBA, Home Is Where Your Heart Is, is based on a true story about Sheba, a young shepherd mix that survives abuse and neglect. She was kept outside through freezing winters and had to learn how to survive on her own without her birth family. Sheba risks everything during a daring escape in order to give herself a chance to find the loving family she deserved. Sheba is found by Mary who shows her what love is. SHEBA, Home Is Where Your Heart Is, offers hope in the darkest moments, and inspires you to believe in love to become all that you can be.


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